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About Eva Sidéns music:
" …something unusual, very rare, intimate and densified. A deep and heartful story telled by plastic melodies and suggestive new timbres."


Eva Sidén, composer, concert pianist and sound artist with an international career. Sidén writes both instrumental and electro-acoustic music. She is an interpreter of both her own music and others.
Sidén creates conceptual concert- and sound-installations to museums, art galleries and performs at concert houses, festivals and culture houses. She frequently collaborates with other artists in many different art forms, such as visual art, dance, theatre, text and room/architecture. Eva has received several commissions of pieces which combines instruments and electronics with scenography and performance.
Eva Sidén has studied piano and composition at Music Conservatories in Prag, Brno, Paris, Stockholm, and contemporary music and electro-acoustic music, courses at IRCAM, Paris. Furthermore she studied art theory/aestetic philosophy, art and musicology at Stockholm University and at University college of music education Stockholm.

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