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”Ylva Q. Arkvik has a thorough musical background, yet still the path to composition was far from straight. She worked as a ballet accompanist, read musicology at Uppsala University, and after graduating as a cantor went on to study music teaching at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. It was here where she also studied composition, earning her diploma in 2000. Since then she has earned a PhD at Huddersfield University.

Arkvik has written pieces for most orchestral settings, including electroacoustic music, chamber and orchestral music, opera and theatre music.

What inspires her is the synthesis of different forms of expression, which has led to collaborations with artists from very diverse fields, such as sculpture, dance and poetry. She has also written several solo works for specific musicians, as well as pieces uniting instrumentalists with electronics. She wrote a chamber opera, Solitario, with poet Eva Runefelt, and an emotionally charged mini-opera Du får inte gå! with author Eva Ström based on the events of 9/11.

"Her music is often harsh, even passionately  intense at times, but is mostly mournfully restrained and steeped in a kind of  fantastical, abrasive melodic tincture. Pieces exemplifying these traits  include 'Tid läggs som tunt papper över beröringarna', 'Que' for saxophone quartet  and 'Skarpa', vassa for solo violin. Unlike many of her generation, Arkvik does  not imbue her music with stylistic fusions, bur remains firmly rooted in the  modernist tradition with an intensely concentrated mode of expression.

Tony Lundman



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